How to Win in Business through Prose, People, and Process 

Think of a brand you love. 

Every time you interact with them, it's a joy. They just seem to have their stuff together, which just makes you want to do more and more business with them.

What makes these brands so great? 
It's not a secret. They have a Culture of Content. They've invested in their people, their prose, and their processes. They have a collaborative spirit. Leaders know how to articulate visions. Messaging foundations are documented. Approvals are swift and nimble. And creative professionals have the resources they need to execute engaging content in real-time. 

They've made communication a priority and that shows in their bottom line. 

Based on nearly a decade of working with the content teams of many of the world's largest brands, Andrea Goulet Ford will clearly outline the leadership attributes, organizational systems, and training techniques required to support your content efforts and help you build your own Culture of Content.

In this book, you'll learn how to:

• Identify your personal communication leadership style and effectively manage your team.

• Create organizational systems that empower everyone to positively contribute to your content marketing efforts.

• Teach your team to speak in one cohesive and unified brand voice.

• Set up balanced processes that both mitigate risk and improve the flow of content creation.

• Respond swiftly to events and take advantage of real-time marketing.

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Andrea Goulet Ford is the human voice behind some of the world's largest brands. Her firm, BrandVox™, helps business leaders document their visions, train their teams to speak in a cohesive voice, and create content systems that scale their brands. You can also find Andrea working on her first book, Culture of Content.

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